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Everything Under The Moon

Mainly a blog dedicated to USUK doujinshi. I scan my own books and cross post them between here and usxuk LJ community. All are in Japanese so if anyone wants to translate them for me please let me know, it would be very appreciated! :D

Please don't reblog any of my scans! You are free to like them but I don't want my scans floating around. Thank you for your understanding. I will remove and change the passwords if I find my doujin posts reblogged. The reason for this is: because they are locked on the community site it's only fair that they stay in one place here. Adding to that I do not reblog other people's scans, there's already plenty of other blogs that do this and sometimes with or without permission, so for me to not make anyone angry I just chose not to post anything other than my own stuff. Sorry guys!
At any rate enjoy the porn :P
Jul 18 '14

Looking for a usuk fanfiction with ‘sentinels’ and ‘guides’ au

Hi, I’m looking for a usuk fanfiction. I think it might have been published in 2008/2009 on FFN. The au was with sentinels and guides (as far as I know this was the only story with this setting). It was incomplete, maybe 3-5 chapters long.

It started with Arthur as a guide bonding with a wounded sentinel he met in a forest at a young age. The older sentinel died soon after. Now guides are being hunted by organized sentinels to make them bond together (or something like that). Alfred was the ‘alpha’ or dark sentinel and he was severely wounded when he met Arthur in the last updated chapter and realizing that Arthur was a guide before blacking out.

This was one of those stories that I found at like 3am and it was never updater since….I hope it’s still floating somewhere. Thanks!

Jul 18 '14

[FanFiction] Subscription To Love R18 - Chapter 9

I’m alive!

Chapter 9 is up here!

Jul 18 '14
Please don’t reblog my doujins! Thank you.
USUK - Freezedie Come To Life

Please don’t reblog my doujins! Thank you.

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Jul 17 '14

[FanFiction] Words We Don’t Mean Hurt The Most R18 - Chapter 1

Summary: Words have power, especially those that are uttered in the heat of the moment. Those especially can bring either great happiness or endless sorrow.

Read it here

This is going to be a short story I’ll be working on.

Jul 4 '14


Alfred is ready to celebrate.

Jul 1 '14

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Jul 1 '14

please DO NOT assume that just because my character is doing something that i as the writer


  • approve of it
  • am romanticizing it
  • have a kink with regard to it
  • think it is okay for anyone to ever do ever

because sometimes my character does things that I absolutely cringe at and which are almost painful to write.

but my writing a villain does not make me a villian

understand that it is fiction and I do not condone the wrong actions that sometimes are written out on my blog for in-character purposes.

Jun 30 '14
Please don’t reblog my doujins! Thank you.
USUK - Chokyokareshi (can someone confirm the title, thanks!)

Please don’t reblog my doujins! Thank you.

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Jun 26 '14


Calling all Hetalia fans! Do you love Hetalia as much as we do?! Do you love the sparkly, beautiful world where countries are anthropomorphized into hot guys and girls? Ok, well prove it!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, we’re asking fans to show their love for Hetalia by “beautifying their world” with their creativity. We want to see fanart, crafts, cosplay pics, video skits, fan games, anything that you can think of that relates to Hetalia—the sky is the limit! Brownie points if you incorporate Season 5 elements into your creations (e.g. the mochis, Nyotalia, etc.)

Of course, if your talents lie more with your literary skill then  you can also write an essay (max of 100 words) about why you’re excited for Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and how you kept Hetalia in your life after Season 4. 

Submit your creative entry by posting an image, video, or link on Tumblr with the tag #HetaliaS5Contest. Submit your written entry (essay) by posting with the tag #HetaliaS5Contest.

5 winners will be chosen to win some AWESOME Hetalia goodies (like the ones pictured above).

For more ways to enter and full contest details, click this link.

Jun 18 '14




I need this on my blog okay…

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